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Diffusion-Weighted Double-Echo Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting (MRF)

MA Griswold, V Gulani, D Ma, Y Jiang, K Wright

US Patent App. 16/404,657

Simultaneous magnetic resonance angiography and perfusion with nuclear magnetic resonance fingerprinting

V Gulani, M Griswold, D Ma, K Wright, N Seiberlich

US Patent 10,379,189

Reproducibility and repeatability of MR fingerprinting relaxometry in the human brain

G Körzdörfer, R Kirsch, K Liu, J Pfeuffer, B Hensel, Y Jiang, D Ma, M Gratz, ...

Radiology 292 (2), 429-437

Magnetic resonance fingerprinting with steady state precession (MRF-FISP)

M Griswold, Y Jiang, D Ma

US Patent 10,335,049

Diffusion-weighted double-echo magnetic resonance fingerprinting (MRF)

M Griswold, V Gulani, D Ma, Y Jiang, K Wright

US Patent 10,281,547

Partial volume mapping using magnetic resonance fingerprinting

A Deshmane, DF McGivney, D Ma, Y Jiang, C Badve, V Gulani, ...

NMR in Biomedicine 32 (5), e4082

Development of high‐resolution 3D MR fingerprinting for detection and characterization of epileptic lesions

D Ma, SE Jones, A Deshmane, K Sakaie, EY Pierre, M Larvie, ...

Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 49 (5), 1333-1346

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) fingerprinting tissue classification and image segmentation

M Griswold, Y Jiang, D Ma, A Deshmane, C Badve, V Gulani, JL Sunshine

US Patent 10,261,154

In Vivo Tissue Characterization of Focal Nodular Heterotopia Using Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting

AC Yu, A Deshmane, S Dastmalchian, M Cohen, D Ma, J Sunshine, ...

Neurographics 9 (2), 158-162

Magnetic resonance field fingerprinting

G Körzdörfer, Y Jiang, P Speier, J Pang, D Ma, J Pfeuffer, B Hensel, ...

Magnetic resonance in medicine 81 (4), 2347-2359

System and method for magnetic resonance fingerprinting at high field strengths

S Brady-Kalnay, V Gulani, M Griswold, C Flask, L Lu, Y Gao, Y Jiang, ...

US Patent 10,241,178

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) fingerprinting with singular value decomposition (SVD) compression

M Griswold, D McGivney, D Ma

US Patent 10,209,335

Simultaneous multislice cardiac magnetic resonance fingerprinting using low rank reconstruction

JI Hamilton, Y Jiang, D Ma, Y Chen, WC Lo, M Griswold, N Seiberlich

NMR in Biomedicine 32 (2), e4041

Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting to Characterize Childhood and Young Adult Brain Tumors

P de Blank, C Badve, DR Gold, D Stearns, J Sunshine, S Dastmalchian, ...

Pediatric neurosurgery 54 (5), 310-318

Three-dimensional MR fingerprinting for quantitative breast imaging

Y Chen, A Panda, S Pahwa, JI Hamilton, S Dastmalchian, DF McGivney, ...

Radiology 290 (1), 33-40

Magnetic resonance fingerprinting: a technical review

B Bipin Mehta, S Coppo, D Frances McGivney, J Ian Hamilton, Y Chen, ...

Magnetic resonance in medicine 81 (1), 25-46

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